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Automating insurance claim

The ultimate insurance claim automation solution powered by patented Blockchain technology

Innovating for a brighter insurance

Claim is the moment of truth for all Insurance. With our solutions, everything has been crafty designed to automate insurance claim for insured and for insurers with unbeatable accuracy and speed, from claim estimation before a claim occurs, to making the right claim decision and settle the payments.

Detect, Analyze and Combat Fraud

Better Claim Decision

We empower claim assessor with powerful AI model and expert knowledge decision rule engines so that fraud and abuse can be spotted instantly and clean cases can be approved right away for the consistently perfect claim cost management and unbeatable efficiency. Be in the know with powerful claim analytics that simply works for underwriting and product development.

hassle free customer experience

Make Insurance Usable

Our technology provides instant feedback and assistant to insured via whatsapp, mobile and web so customers are always supported 7x24 even well before claim occurs. We work to perfection to remove any ask for inputs from customers when technology can help and remove any wait time for customers to enjoy their insurance benefits. We believe insurance could be used hassle-free like gym membership and strive to delete the insurance specific vocabuary "claim" from dictionary.


Digitalize the claim journey

By leveraging our patented blockchain technology, smart contracts will be triggered to execute when specific policy term is met. This eliminates the human involvement and allows an unbiased, neutral party (i.e. technology) to evaluate the criteria and execute of a contract. Our API connectivity eliminates any need for data to be passed via paper which is tedious and prone to fraud.

Maximizing purchasing power

Best utilization of network saving

Our uberized network model allows insurers to connect to all service providers seamlessly and efficiently without use of any single piece of paper. Fast settlement to providers are made possible with standardization of diagnosis and procedural codes for maximium efficiency saving.

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