MediConCen – Dedication, Experience & Insights in Insurtech Transformation

In light of the various “Fintech Transformations” projects that we are working with our industry partners, our CEO, William Yeung, was honored to share his view with Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and all of you through this well-produced video.


Fintech or Insurtech, is where MediConCen is classified into. Under these buzzwords, we are dedicated to leveraging and capturing all the data that everyone is generating in every moment of their life, which was not well utilised in the old times. MediConCen creates this digitalised ecosystem where wasted data can be activated and made good use of through AI. In this way, customers can gain from what they produce, data, for a better-insured life.


Collaboration is how we can strive for shared success and big impacts in the Hong Kong financial industry, and beyond. In the video, our precious partners, Mr. William Law from FTLife Insurance Company Limited, and Mr.Jacky Lio from Bowtie Life Insurance Company, not only recalled the stories of how we tackled the difficulties on the way, but also expressed the thrill of having each other to shape this digitalised ecosystem together.


We will continue to evolve and unlock the possibility of data for better customer experience and create a well-insured society.

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